All services at JDI are community based and licensed by the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services. JDI has a vendor agreement with the Department of Rehabilitative Services and utilizes LTESS (Long Term Employment Support Services) funding as well as providing Supported Employment.

Day Support

Day Support services for individuals requiring specialized supervision in a small group and/or with one-to-one supports. There are many supports and activities that combine health and safety, behavioral, social and adaptive skills learning and community access.

Day Support

Day Support Non-Traditional Model and Integrated Services Group – ISG)

On-going supervision and individualized assistance

  • Low staff to supported employee ratios (1:1-1:4)
  • Behavioral management plans
  • Role-playing, peer interaction training and role-modeling
  • 1:1 behavioral, social and vocational skills training
  • Consistent schedules and routines
  • Promote choice and person centered services
  • Employment Specialists with strong behavioral backgrounds
  • Individual Service Plans and interdisciplinary team support
  • Integrated Services group (established in 1998) for individuals requiring sedentary placement with specialized interests and social enhancements, personal development, self-fulfillment, therapeutic and art therapy.


Pre-Vocational services introduces to the individual, the concept of work, either volunteer or paid opportunities. The individual does not have the expectation to be employed and be part of the work force, nor is this the goal for this service. Certain activities include learning how to track time worked such as completing a time sheet or using a time clock, receiving supervision, greeting customers using appropriate eye contact, and collaboratively work well with peers.


Pre-Vocational Appropriate Work Behaviors Curriculum

  • Consistent schedules and routines
  • Promote choices and person centered services
  • Learning vocabulary: job, employee, rules, train, supervisor, part-time, full-time, independent, pay, volunteer, raise, co-worker, boss, quit, hired, attendance – late, early, on time, etc.
  • Social learning: hand shake, greeting –hello or goodbye, good morning, good afternoon, eye contact, feel well, feel sick, hungry, cooperative, friends, teamwork, listening
  • Health and Safety: hygiene, appearance, clean, wash, uniform, neat, tired, sick, well
  • Ethics: honesty, truthful, values.

Employment Services: Providing Productive Employees

Through extensive employment preparation and on the job training, JDI offers the business community employees who are pre-screened, pre-trained, ready and eager to work. JDI's appropriate work behavior curriculum guides, assesses and teaches each individual appropriate employment and behavioral skills in the community. Ongoing support to the individual includes building on social skills ranging from punctuality and interview skills to personal hygiene and interpersonal relationships, and expectation to meet employer’s expectation. Individuals are referred and performance, work responsibility value of money, integrity and self -worth in an employment environment that best suits their specific interests and needs. Short and long-term goals are established and outcomes are based on individual satisfaction of the job, advancement and equal opportunity, choice and learning styles.

Employment Services

Traditional Supported Employment

Supported Employment services and placement activities are provided to individuals in work settings along with non-disabled persons and according to their ability, interest, choice and level of functioning. Individuals receive compensation for their work. Group model also has wage earnings that are based on the department of labor time studies and includes enclaves and mobile crews with intermittent supports by an Employment Specialist. The Individual model of employment supports the person by obtaining a position with a business in the community, writing a resume, employment search, and intensive on the job training and periodic supports by an Employment Specialist.


Group Model

  • On-going support and intermittent supervision
  • Appropriate staff to supported employee ratios (1:4-1:8)
  • Behavioral management plans
  • Role-playing, peer interaction training and role modeling
  • Social, vocational skills training and temporary emergency 1:1 support
  • Structured schedules and routines
  • Promote choice and client-centered services
  • Employment Specialists with strong vocational backgrounds
  • Technical support from the Supported Employment Liaison & Technical support from the Management team
  • Individual Service Plans and interdisciplinary team support

Individual Placement

  • Situational Assessment: realistic evaluations take place regarding the viability of successful employment within the least restrictive environment and work model possible
  • Job Development:assistance with resume development, interviewing skills training and actual placement assistance
  • Travel Training: teaches individuals to travel independently for the first time or for individuals requiring assistance with new work routes
  • Job Coaching: Employment Specialists provide employability behavior training through the use of an extensive curriculum
  • ollow Along: this area offers support to individuals throughout their term of employment. If it is agreed that support is necessary in order to maintain employment, support is offered on an as needed basis, for as long as it is required
  • Pre-Independent: this service provides daily support of an Employment Specialist at the site during times that have been identified as crucial. For the rest of the workday, the natural site supports are utilized

Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Cleaning Crew

This is an entrepreneurial endeavor in which a crew of Individuals of service clean homes and businesses. This undertaking not only provides a service to the community but allows individuals to work in a social setting in their own community. In addition to work opportunity the cleaning crew has life skills training integrated into the program. Please contact JDI if you would like the cleaning crew to clean your home or office!

Cleaning Crew

Residential Support


Establishment of comforting, home-like settings for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in which we provide nurturing care and specialized supports through person-centered planning.

Philosophy and Values

Through an individualized, person-centered outcome design our program is set to fit and support the individual, rather than having the individual fit the supports. We pride ourselves in being an equal opportunity provider who gives people with diverse and complex support needs a chance at life enrichment and community inclusion. Our innovative service provision focuses on promoting as many opportunities for choice within our resident’s lives as possible. JDI also structures our residents outcome oriented programs to consist of the least intrusive training and support services necessary to meet the needs of the individual and their families.


The enrichment of our residents’ lives is reached through a variety of services facilitated by our professionally trained staff some examples of which follow:

  • Development of individualized shared planning outcomes
  • Daily training and assistance programming
  • Behavior management
  • Therapeutic recreation
  • Social skills training
  • Money Management
  • Healthcare service provision and follow-up
  • Proper nutritional values
  • Transportation services
  • Advocating of human rights
  • Maximum inclusion in their community
  • and other services as outlined