Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How are costs covered?

Each individual is assessed to determine eligibility and available resources are targeted accordingly.Funding provided by: Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax/Falls Church and Prince William Community Service Boards as well as funding from the Commonwealth of VA state Medicaid and the Department of Rehabilitative Services and Host Employers. JDI also accepts private pay.

I know that JDI staff will take care of my son/daughter in the event of an emergency. But how can I find out if he/she is safe and sound?

An Emergency Preparedness Plan is available through the Virginia Department of Emergency Management JDI encourages you to put in place an Emergency Preparedness Plan for your family and loved ones. Our staff conducts drills on a quarterly basis to ensure training is provided to each individual of the program. Staff will utilize their cellphones and attempt to make contact with you. However, please contact the main office as an alternative to waiting for a call from staff.

If the phones are down, how can we communicate?

When advised of inclement weather - i.e. thunderstorms and tornadoes, all of JDI vehicles carry an emergency preparedness radio. Staff has been instructed to listen to WTOP 103.5 FM and to return to the office, group home, or nearest community site immediately in the event of an emergency. The County arranges the transportation for our individuals. As such in the event of an emergency, we will receive transportation and other pertinent information via County radio and television, if the phone lines are down. Families can utilize the County's radio and T.V. as a resource.

What can JDI do to get the Individuals home, in the event of an emergency or if the site close down early?

Staff will attempt to contact the families directly.The County and families arrange transportation. JDI will receive guidelines from the County via e-mail and radio as to the transportation situation.

Can JDI get a family from each site as a contact, who can communicate with other families in an emergency?

We are asking for volunteers.

How long is the workday?

Generally, a person arrives at the site, Monday- Friday, between 8:30-9:00 am. The work day is from 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM. This time block includes scheduled breaks as well as lunch. Special accommodations based on transportation will be made for individuals who may need to adjust their schedules, and who might not be able to work for a full day or five days a week.

If I live in your Group Home, do I have to go to work every day?

If I live in your Group Home, do I have to go to work every day? You are encouraged to participate in a day placement Monday-Friday. If you are sick and cannot go to work, staff arrangements will be made for someone to take care of you.

How does the staff at Job Discovery Inc. communicate with you, your parents and /or Group Home staff?

Employment and Residential Specialists use a communication book that the Job Discovery Inc. management team monitors. Sometimes your staff will give you a note to take home. The staff have cell phones and will use them in case of emergencies.

How are individuals paid?

Individuals are paid by hourly wage or piece rate wage and depending on the type of job. Job Discovery Inc. utilizes the Department of Labor Standards measurement of quantity and quality of work, and reviews this information every three months. We at Job Discovery Inc also conduct time studies every six months, which are based on your job performance. You or your guardian may request a job change at any time, just inform your support coordinator and/or immediate supervisor and a special meeting will be conducted for you.

What do you teach in your residential program?

You will be taught basic living skills such as grooming, bathing, showering, washing and combing your hair, shaving, cleaning your nails, toilet skills, and so on. We also teach basic household skills such as dusting, sweeping, emptying garbage, washing and drying clothes, cleaning your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen areas. You will also learn to set the table, cook and pack your lunch and other meals. In addition to everything you will learn you'll also have plenty of time in the community. You'll be able to visit stores, churches, malls, movies, parks, museums, and many other community activities!