All services at Job Discovery Inc. (JDI) are community based. Services (with the exception of supported Employment) are licensed by the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services. Funding is provided by the Fairfax/Falls Church, Arlington, City of Alexandria, and Prince William Community Services Boards. JDI is a Vendor of the Department of Aging and Rehabilitative Services and utilizes LTESS (Long Term Employment Support Services) funding. Private pay for services is an option.

Employment Services: Productive Employees

JDI offers the business community employees who are pre-screened, pre-trained, ready, and eager to work. JDI's Employment First behavior curriculum guides, assesses, and teaches each individual appropriate employment and behavioral skills in the community. Ongoing support includes building on social skills ranging from punctuality and interview skills to personal hygiene and interpersonal relationships, and expectation to meet employer’s expectation. Individuals are referred and performance, work responsibility value of money, integrity and self -worth in an employment environment that best suits their specific interests and needs. Short and long-term goals are established and outcomes are based on individual satisfaction of the job, advancement and equal opportunity, individualized person centered service plans, choice and learning styles.

Group Supported Employment

Group Supported Employment is a service for a person to receive all day support at a job. Group supported employment is two to eight people with disabilities that work with co-workers without disabilities. Group supported employment is in an environment accessible to the public. Earnings are based on the department of labor time studies and subminimum wage.

A person in group supported employment has the opportunity to earn the minimum wage for hours worked on the job. Group Employment offers:

  • On-going support and intermittent supervision
  • Appropriate staff to supported employee ratios (1:4-1:8)
  • Behavioral management plans
  • Role-playing, peer interaction training and role modeling
  • Social, vocational skills training and temporary emergency 1:1 support
  • Structured schedules and routines
  • Promote choice and person centered services
  • Technical support from contracted services in behavioral support
  • Individual Service Plans and interdisciplinary team support
  • Opportunity to earn minimum wage
  • Independent skills training is provided to persons in the group model who require additional training before the possibility of placement in the Individual Employment Services model. Arrangements are made with the employer to offer natural supports at the group site.

Entrepreneurial Opportunities

The Cleaning Crew an entrepreneurial endeavor in which a crew of persons of service clean homes and businesses. This undertaking not only provides a service to the community but allows individuals to work in a social setting in their own community. In addition to work opportunity the cleaning crew has life skills training integrated into the program.

Contact JDI at (703) 385-0041 if you would like the cleaning crew to clean your home or office

Individual Supported Employment

Individual Supported Employment is a service for a person to receive one staff to one person intermittent support by an Employment Specialist in the workplace. The employer is the natural support. A person earns pay at the minimum or above minimum wage. Individual Supported Employment meets personal and career goals. Individual Supported Employment provides situational assessments, job development, placement, and training in the business community. Persons of services learn to write a resume, seek employment, and are provided with intensive on the job training and periodic supports by an Employment Specialist.

Individual Employment at JDI Offer:

  • Situational Assessment: realistic evaluations take place regarding the viability of successful employment.
  • Job Development: assistance with resume development, interviewing skills training and actual placement assistance
  • Travel Training: teaches individuals to travel independently for the first time or for individuals requiring assistance with new work routes
  • Job Coaching: Employment Specialists provide each person with on the job training to the employers specificity to standards on the job. The Employment First curriculum provides guidance to appropriate employability behavior training.
  • Follow Along: offers support to individuals throughout their term of employment. If it is agreed that support is necessary in order to maintain employment, support is offered on an as needed basis, for as long as it is required

Community Engagement and Integrated Services Group

Community Engagement is a service that offers a group of one staff to three people to discover their interests and abilities. Community Engagement teaches the concept of work, either volunteer or paid opportunities. A person learns how to improve their social behavior and become more independent. Community Engagement shows how to greet customers, appropriate eye contact, learn to track time worked, use a time clock, work with peers; and receive supervision and even prepare for retirement.

  • On-going supervision and individualized attention
  • Low staff to person ratios (1:3)
  • Role-playing, peer interaction training and role-modeling
  • Consistent schedules and routines
  • Promote choice and independence person centered services
  • Employment Specialists are caring and supportive with behavioral experience
  • Individual Service Plans and interdisciplinary team support
  • Integrated Services: making and selling scarves at arts and crafts venues including the businesses community, families, and other stakeholders.
  • Contact JDI at (703) 385-0041 if you would like to purchase a uniquely made scarf!


Group Day is a service for a person in a group of one staff to seven individuals. Group Day brings opportunities for peer interactions, community integration, career planning, and enhancement of social networks. Supports ensure an individual’s health and safety. At Job Discovery Inc., the group may volunteer at a community location and even earn a pay check.

  • Daily on-going support and supervision
  • Daily community based services
  • Volunteer opportunities in the community
  • Appropriate staff to person ratios (1:7)
  • Behavioral management plans
  • Social and vocational skills training
  • Structured schedules and routines planned trips to cultural venues
  • Promote choice and person centered services
  • Technical support from contracted services in behavioral support
  • Individual Service Plans and interdisciplinary team support


Community Coaching is a service for a person to improve a skill but needs one staff to one person ratio. Community Coaching targets challenges a person experiences, causing difficulty to be actively engaged in the community. Community Coaching prepares a person to be more involved in the community and learn to work with others.

  • Daily on-going support and supervision
  • One to one support to identify barriers to learning a skill and build on skills
  • Behavioral service plan
  • Transition the person with other peers to Group Day with one to one support
  • Prepare to transition the person with other peers to Community Engagement with one to one support

Residential Services

Group Home

Every person has the right to live in home that is clean, accessible to community resources, and have a dependable and caring staff. Each person has the expectation to know his rights regarding his living arrangement and has the freedom to relocate. A Group Home service is for people who want and need twenty four hours support in their home. Group home service is licensed service by the Department of Behavioral Health Services. Group home living enables the person to learn self-help skills, improve socialization, be aware of own safety and health and reside successfully in an integrated community.

JDI believes in the Good Neighbor pledge:

We will operate a home that is well maintained, presentable and in keeping with community standards for landscaping, painting, and trash disposal. We will strive to maintain and even enhance the positive character of the community.

We will expect everyone in our homes to show respect for their neighbors by obeying all laws and community standards and to endeavor to take neighbors' individual needs into consideration, as would be expected of any neighbor.

We will respond quickly to any questions or concerns from neighbors and will provide contact information whenever requested, so neighbors know who to call. We will strive to ensure that individuals providing support in the home will focus on the safety and well-being of everyone in the community.

We will welcome opportunities for neighbors to get to know our residents and staff as they would other neighbors, for example, while attending a neighborhood event, doing yard work, or enjoying a break on the porch.

In turn, we ask our neighbors to welcome us as they would other neighbors, let us know directly and promptly of any questions or concerns, and understand and respect our residents’ needs for privacy and confidentiality of personal health information.

Group Home services offer:

  • Development of individualized shared planning outcomes
  • Daily training and assistance programming
  • Behavior management
  • Therapeutic recreation
  • Social skills training and privacy
  • Money Management
  • Healthcare service provision and follow-up
  • Proper nutritional values
  • Transportation services
  • Advocating of human rights
  • Maximum inclusion in their community